Introducing Our New Colours!

by Alfred Angelo on November 1, 2015


We are thrilled to be introducing 10 new colours for 2016! 

From our design team: “Pastels are in. We’ve seen an increase in demand for soft, lighter colours in the market, so for 2016, we’re offering an exciting new range. These colours will provide even more options for the bridal party, bringing our lines to a whole new level.

For Soft Net, we are adding the following: Sea Glass, Straw, Dusty Mauve, Wedgewood, Powder, Ballerina, Mist, Cashmere and Sandstone. 

For Satin, Chiffon and Organza, we are adding the following: Gold, Cashmere, Ballerina, Wedgewood, Powder and Mist.

These new colours are not only individually pretty; they can also be mixed and matched within the bridal party. You’ll discover that most of our new colours work well together. So if one bridesmaid wants to wear Ballerina while another wants to wear Cashmere or Sandstone, you’ll still be able to create a perfect story.” 

Please note that in order to make room for these great new colours we’ll be discontinuing the following: Canary, Chocolate, Forest, Maize, Pistachio and Tangelo. 

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