Real Wedding: Camilla + Megan

by Alfred Angelo on May 1, 2017

Brides-Like-Us---2015.pngIntroducing our real brides of the month, Camilla and Megan! We first fell in love with their beautiful elopement on F Yeah Gay Weddings and had to reach out to photographer Cassandra Zetta

Camilla and Megan met in middle school. They were both in band, rode the same school bus every day and were on competing basketball teams. "By the time we got to high school, we were best friends," they said. It was also during that time that they realized they wanted to be more than friends. "Our love hasn't wavered for one minute and has gotten stronger every day." 

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Camilla, on her wedding dress, Style 238: "I loved my wedding dress. I knew I was getting married in the forest, so I was looking for a whimsical dress. I wanted to look like I ran away into the woods to secretly get married, and this dress was perfect! Also, it accentuated my curves and wasn’t heavy."

Megan, on her wedding dress, Style 8527: "Originally, we were worried about finding two dresses that complimented each other. After Camilla picked her wedding dress, our bridal consultant kept her eye out for dresses that would match hers. We went back a couple weeks later and had no problem choosing a dress, as Alfred Angelo had many great dresses to choose from. I loved the simplicity of the dress I chose and how it added a light pink hue to our outdoor, wooded theme. I’m glad we chose different color dresses, as it enhanced the enchanted look in our wedding photos."

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Camilla and Megan knew they wanted to elope, as it felt more personal and romantic. Initially, they weren't sure what they wanted and kept bouncing back and forth between different venues. Once they found Treehouse Point online, however, they had no doubts that it was the perfect place. "From then on we were sure we wanted to have a romantic, enchanted forest elopement," they said. 

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From the brides: "When we arrived at Treehouse Point, we could pick any location on the property for our ceremony and decided on the smooth stones in the middle of a river bed. After getting ready in our treehouse together, we carefully made our way across the river. We were joined by two of our friends and our photographer, who was truly marvelous. Our officiant gave us a beautiful nature-themed ceremony. She had us make our own cairn (stacked rocks), a symbol of how to always find your way home to each other no matter where you may journey. Walking in the forest and along the river felt peaceful and serene. It allowed us to focus entirely on us and our relationship."

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Thank you Camilla and Megan for sharing your special day with us! 

Photography by: Cassandra Zetta


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