Real Wedding: Emily + Jamie

by Alfred Angelo on February 3, 2017

Brides-Like-Us---2015.pngIntroducing our real bride of the month, Emily! 

Emily and her wife Jamie first met when Emily was working at a bar in college. Jamie was a regular and would always insist on buying Emily a drink even though she wasn't allowed to drink behind the bar. The two lost contact for a bit, but a year later, they reconnected through mutual friends. "We then realized we had so much in common," says Emily. "We have now been together 5 years in September. The best 5 years of my life."  



Emily and Jamie actually had two wedding dates! The couple got married in Las Vegas, where they had booked their holiday. "I loved the idea except I have always wanted a big wedding with the big dress!" says Emily. "So we got married in Vegas on September the 2nd 2016 and then came back and had a massive wedding on October the 22nd 2016." 



Emily chose Elsa Style 259 from Confetti and Lace for her big day. "As soon as I tried it on, I fell in love!" she recalls. "I felt like a proper princess. I added a hoop to the already big skirt to make it even bigger. The beads sprinkled down the dress like little rain drops. The back had buttons all the way down the back to hide the zip. The dress was perfect and fit like a glove!"



The couple's wedding venue, Halfway House, gave them a beautiful blank canvas for their baby pink and gold wedding. From gold tree centerpieces decorated with flowers, crystals and glass baubles to a pink and gold sweets table, the decor looked truly magical. 

"When I walked in, the room looked amazing," says Emily. "And then I saw Jamie and cried. Jamie kept strong, and the emotional ceremony lasted about 15 minutes." 



The celebration continued with a champagne and dinner reception. Emily and Jamie's fathers gave speeches, followed by a father-daughter dance. "Our dads then passed us on to each other, and we had our first dance to Nathan Sykes and Arianna Grande's 'Over and Over Again.' It was amazing!"

Afterward, all the guests hit the disco, where the brides danced the night away. "I really wish I could do it all over again," says Emily. 



Photography by: Sadie Ferriday at Baildon Wedding Photography

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